Knitted Berets

 We focus on offering a wide range of wholesale fashion knitted berets for your boutique.Knit wool berets are comfortable and warm headwear. They are elegant and self-sufficient. Our women's berets features a well thought-out functionality, elegant finish and attention to detail. Wool knitted berets are must-have item in any ladies wardrobe. They are time-tested accessory. Classic beret do not goes out of fashion for many centuries. Colors, fabrics, décor may change, but the form itself remains unchanged. This accessory perfectly matches with any clothes and in harmony with many types of people faces.

When you choose a beret, it is necessary to consider the color of eyes, skin and hair. A blond girl with a bright color of eyes should  stop the choice on quiet, bright colors (green, blue, beige). The girl with dark hair can choose a solid color (white, black). Shades of gray (pearl, deep sea) are suitable for brown hair.

If you have a short hair, you can just put beret closing with the forehead, pulled down over the ears. Long-haired girl can wear beret moving it to one side. Women with an oval face fit all styles, but still, it is better to choose the classic version. Elongated and slender face is better to stay at the three-dimensional model. Medium-sized beret fit puffy girls and women.

Beret can be worn with a dress, coat, jeans. If you are going to a party, you can pick up an unusual variant of which is decorated with rhinestones, pearls, sequins or embroidery. Knitted or crocheted models are good for everyday wear.