Why You Should Consider Owning a Snood

      Snood is a fashionable and extremely relevant winter accessory in the cold season. The word "snood" used to refer to a hair net or a specially tied handkerchief. These accessories were very popular in the fifties of last century. Under the influence of time and fashion, these wardrobe items gradually evolved and now the snood is a type of scarf  consisting of a  wide ring of fabric. It can be worn  around the neck  and also can be pulled up  to cover the head and wear it as a hood. This circle scarf can be tied in several dozen ways and even turned into a hat, headband or waistcoat. Also snood can be quickly and carelessly thrown around the neck, neatly spread over the shoulders or tied in a knot. With any option you can be sure that snood will not unwound and lose shape as an ordinary scarf.

Winter knitted snoods made of woolTrendy knit wool women's scarf snood

   This winter fashion accessory is practical and easy to use. If an ordinary rectangular scarf can become a real obstacle for a full-fledged movement during the day (it quickly unleashes, and it is sometimes an irresolvable task to find a variant of a fashionable design), then the snood settles on the female neck or head for several minutes.

Winter knit snood hoodWinter knit snood infinity scarf

Due to the variety of models and the widest assortment of materials of which it can made, the snood can easy  combined with a coat, down jacket, fashionable leather jacket-fur coat, fur coat and even a T-shirt or cocktail dress. With the right choice of fabric or wool and colors, snood is perfect for both business style and sporty, or romantic and casual.

Long knitted snood scarfTrendy womens winter circle scarf snood

It's easy to get lost at the sight of a lot of snoods on store shelves. There are delicate and rough fabric, woolen and silk, narrow and wide. In the wardrobe of almost any trendy girl (and a guy too) should be snood, and sometimes not one. Let's try to keep pace with the world fashion trends and at the same time competently combine this fashion accessory with our clothes.

What  you need to consider when choosing a snood:

  1. Snood should not match with the color of our skin;
  2. It will be better not to wear pink and burgundy snoods on frosty days because it can give off additional redness on the skin;
  3. It is desirable that the front and bottom sides of a snood have the same appearance. It will be easier then to wrap the snood with a few turns around the neck, without thinking about where the front side and where the wrong side is.
  4. Long snoods are more diverse in wearing. They can be worn as a long scarf, passed behind your back, thrown over your head, wrapped around your neck twice or thrice as a three-dimensional collar.
  5. When you think about a combination of snood and clothes, it is important do not forget the basic rule - the more colorful the snood is , then the less patterns and textures you can choose for clothes. If you decided to pick floral or geometric print in clothes, select a monophonic snood for this image.

 In general, if you put a little effort and choose the right size, color and texture of the scarf you for sure can make any image and outfit more trendy and attractive.

 Knitted wool trendy snood scarfWinter women's hood snood knitted wool