Top 3 Fall/Winter 2017-2018 Knitted Hats Trends

          Such familiar knitted hats became the main fashion accessory in the fall/winter season 2017-2018. Knitted women's hats and beanie surprise with variety and originality of styles. They can successfully complement the image of a business lady or a romantic person. It can be worn by female students and mature ladies, elegant ladies and sports girls. Hats in this fall/winter season are intended not only for warm-up, but also to act as the most important stylish accessory. He can supplement the image or become a bright accent.

          There are clearly visible three main trends of knitted hats , and each of them deserves attention.

          The first trend is a miniature very simple style tight fitting head hats. Designers call them beanies and actively use them as a supplement to bright, expressive and self-sufficient images. This kind of hats we have observed in the collections of previous years, but this season pleases with wide spectrum of the fashionable color range and shades range. We can see them from the creators of classical images, such as Anna Sui.


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            The second trend is handmade knit hats. Even such complex aesthetes as Ralph Lauren introduced winter knit hats into their seasonal collection in 2017. It seems these hats have just come out from under the spokes of  grandmother. In this style there was a large English loop and a simple stocking, lapels, ears and pompons. Did you wear such hats in your childhood? This season, you can safely return these models to your wardrobe, and you will be provided with a podium image.

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          The third trend is knitted hats and baits with embellishment. Knitted headdresses are decorated with various decorative elements, such as rhinestone, bead, flower, pompon, applique, embroidery, etc. The Versace collection is represented by knitted headdresses with an embroidered slogan. Trussardi included many knitted hats with fur pom-poms in fall/winter collection. Many designers presented the hats decorated with embroidered emblems. This is a very suitable option in the military style.

Trendy hat beanie fall/winter 2017 - 2018

    In any case, do not forget to pay attention to the hats made of high-quality yarn when you are looking for a knitted hat. Choose exquisite cashmere, wool, alpaca and mohair for the off-season and winter.