How to Wear a French Beret

The French beret is a soft, round and  flat at the crown hat, that usually made of felted wool of knitted wool. These berets are timeless fashion accessories because they are very comfortable to wear and suitable for any type of faces. There are many different ways to wear a felt beret, and women with any face shape can look elegant and stylish.

How to wear French Beret Based of the Face Shape

Square - push to one side.

Round -  move on the back of the head. 

Triangular -  push a bit to one side and don't remove all hair under beret.

Oval - slightly move the beret on the forehead to the face of visual roundness. Don't slide the beret down to the eyebrow.

However, there is a general rule for all types of face. Do not remove all hair under beret.