Hats on Trend for 2017

Hats are almost always an easy go to for accessorizing, and this year is no exception. From dad hats to visors, the 90's are back in full force for 2017 and hats have not escaped this trend.


Baseball hats

Coined the "Dad hat" in 2015-16 baseball hats have been a summertime staple for decades, and with designers coming out with styles with women in mind your options go far beyond the normal navy blue hat you can find in your dad or grandpas closet. From leather, to suede, to embroidered, you're sure to find a baseball hat to fit your personal style. 



Like the fanny pack of hats, the visor is both functional, portable, and just a tad dorky. But, just like the fanny pack, visors are making a come back thanks to summer festivals and Instagram. Available in a wide variety of styles, materials and patterns, there is a visor for everyone. 


Straw Hats

Quite arguably the summer hat, straw hats bring back memories of long sunny days and lemonade. From your classic stiff brimmed saucer hat, to the more floppy styles that were popular in the 70's, and even fedoras, you can find a straw hat to match almost any outfit this summer. This year when it comes to the brim, it seems the bigger the better, and with the added benefit of UV protection we wont complain. 




 Structured Hats

Honestly great for almost any season, structured hats like this one in a cowboy style are a great addition to any wardrobe. Add a slightly masculine touch to any look, or easily tie in those boots or that structured bag. A sturdy felt structured hat pulls double duty for the cooler summer evenings and will help take you into the fall months.