Different Ways To Wear Scarves This Summer

Think scarves are for just around your neck? Think again! Here are a few different ways to get some extra wears out of those bright spring and summer scarves.

With summer just around the corner, its about time to start revamping our wardrobes for the coming warm months. Spring and Summer scarves are a perfect addition to your wardrobe that can be styled many different ways, without taking up a lot of space.  

Scarf Halter Styles

These simple halters and bralette's are a great light option for hot days and can be whipped up in just a couple minutes. Pair with a pair of shorts for a relaxed look, or a pair of wide leg linen pants for a more dressed up outfit. 

Scarf Jumpsuit
Unusual way of wearing a scarf
Simple and Easy Dresses
Dresses are a favorite for summer for keeping cool and ease of dress. Especially perfect for the pool or beach, two large scarves are all you need to be on your way. 

Smaller BagLargeBag
Simple Bags On The Go
Oversized scarves can be tied into simple totes when you need a bag last minute. Match your outfit, or add a beautiful pattern to an overall plain outfit, your options are endless.